"Stop Worrying  
about Surgical Site Infections" 
(Use the Human Surgeon’s Non-antibiotic Method for in-surgery and post-surgery protection against infection.)

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"Stop Worrying 
About Your Toughest 
Surgery Each Week
Use the Human  Surgeon's 
Non-Antibiotic Method for 
in-surgery and post-surgery
protection against infection." 
(Without Having To Hire or Rely On A Tech Team!)
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Veterinary and Human Surgeries
Veterinary and Human Infections

What's Simini Protect?

What Exactly Is The Difference Between What I Do And Simini Protect?

First Ever Intra-op and Post-op Protection for Veterinary Surgeons 

Yes. Simini Protect was created so that veterinarians and surgeons like you could easily and in about one minute provide the latest infection control for your surgeries. 
Let us show you it works:
  • Intra-Op Protection against bacteria, fungi, and anti-biofilms.      (Removed 99.98% of bacteria in a clinical study) 
  • ​​Post-Op Protection against bacteria migration and growth (Up to 72 hours with one application) 
  • ​​Designed to destroy biofilms, and reduce resistant bacteria (MRSP)
  • ​Simini Protect products are non-antibiotic, with no known resistance
  • ​Surgery Sam, our free app, prepares clients for surgery, and insures clients do the right things at the right time

40,000 Surgeries and Counting Will Give You Confidence 

Between veterinary and human surgeons, these products have provided infection control to thousands of patients
  • A Top-5 human health company exclusively supplies human surgeons
  • ​​FDA cleared as human medical devices, and available to veterinarians
  • ​​Published studies of clinical outcomes
  • One minute to administer
  • ​Simini Protect: Only way you can provide intra-op and post-op protection

Non-Antibiotic Secret 
from Human Surgery

Are you a veterinarian that cares deeply about reducing infections?  Human surgeons do as well and created these non-antibiotic products.   Now you as veterinarians can leverage these fully validated products to deliver better infection control to your practice.

Free App for Clients to manage
TPLO/TTA recovery at home

  • Videos to prepare clients for surgery day
  • Daily checklists and videos to keep on top of recovery activities
  • ​​Videos to answer the most frequently asked questions 
  • ​Demonstration videos of the most common rehab exercises
  • ​Easy to download and install, just visit www.surgerysam.com

Be A Leader in 
Reducing Antibiotics

COVID-19 has shown consumers the value of infection control. Show your clients that you not only care about their pets’ health, but also their health and the global problem of antibiotic resistance.   

Trust Veterinary-Safe Ingredients

  • All Simini Protect product ingredients have a long history of safe veterinary use
  • Simini Protect products have successfully completed 9 regulatory safety studies
  • ​​Successful studies have demonstrated Simini Protect products compatibility with orthopedic implants and materials

Not Sure What Procedures You Would Use Simini Protect?

Simini Protect can be used for most types of surgical procedures and infections with the exception of application to eyes and ears.
  • Orthopedics (including implants - TPLO)
  • Emergency & Trauma
  • ​Fractures & dehiscence
  • ​Revision surgeries

See The Data:

In About One Minute, You Can Take Control of Your Surgical Success with Intra-Op and Post-Op Protection from Infection

Did You Know there are 
15 Reasons 
for a Surgical Infection?

None Are the Surgeon's Fault

Pre-Operative Care

1) Pre-operative antibiotics not given on time
2) Patient co-morbidities including bodyweight
3) Patient hair removal: insufficient or improper

Aseptic Technique

4) Time for application of antiseptic not adhered to
5) Poor hand scrubbing techniques
6) Surgical glove perforations

Operating Environment

7) OR dress code not adhered to
8) Theatre not closed and OR traffic not restricted
9) Air pressures not positive to corridor


10) Instrument storage and transport procedures
11) Instrument pre-cleaning inadequate
12) Autoclaving faulty and insufficient sterility monitors


13) Potential exposure to resistant bacteria
14) Animal exposes wound through activity
15) Lack of monitoring/care of wound by pet-owner

Try Simini Protect For Free:

No obligations, no contracts, cancel at any time.
  • Remove 99.98% of bacteria (clinical trial result)
  • Provide 72 hour protection post-surgery
  • Triumph over toughest resistant bacteria (MRSP)
  • ​Destroy biofilms and reduce infection virulence
  • ​Be a leader in reducing antibiotics

Some Cases with 
Simini Protect

Dr. Aldo Vezzoni
Cremona, Italy

Dr. Aldo Vezzoni
Cremona, Italy

Veterinary Clinic
Guelph, Canada

Results with pre-existing infections are shown to demonstrate outcomes in difficult clinical situations.  Simini Protect adds intra-op and post-op protection to your infection control.
Best way to stop infections is to prevent them!

Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get A Lot:

How are these products different from current veterinary offerings?
An infection requires two things: (a) a source eg. bacteria,  and (b) a place to grow. If you stop either, you stop the infection.    Veterinary medicine exclusively manages the problem by trying to eliminate sources of infection. The Simini Protect products are the first to address “a place to grow.”
What's in Simini Protect Products?
The Simini Protect products have a patented formulation of ingredients with a long history of clinical use both in human and animal health.  Simini Protect Lavage contains ethanol, acetic acid, sodium acetate, benzalkonium chloride and water.   Simini Protect Gel contains polyethlene glycol, citric acid, sodium citrate, benzalkonium chloride and water.
What types of efficacy studies have been performed?
These products have been evaluated in laboratory tests (in vitro), biofilm tests (in the presence of bacteria’s natural amour), animal models (in-vivo studies) and human clinical studies.  
What types of safety studies have been performed?
Both products are FDA cleared human medical devices. They have completed all the necessary safety testing in multiple species to achieve human medical device product clearance.
Have the products been tested against resistant bacteria?
Yes. See the results of laboratory tests against MRSP and MRSA in the "See the Data" video above.
If I have questions, is there someone I can talk to?
Yes. Email cd@simini.com or call (647) 292-4920 anytime.
What types of procedures can they be used for and not used for?
The Simini Protect products are indicated for orthopedic surgeries and in the cases of trauma, emergency in the veterinary clinic.
The Simini Protect products cannot be used in the eyes or ears or in the abdomen.
How do you use the Simini Protect Lavage?
Just prior to suturing, lavage with the Simini Protect Lavage as you would with normal saline. We recommend about 20ml of Simini Protect Lavage for prophylactic use in canines. Wait one minute, and then rinse with an equal amount of saline or water. See product label for full details.
How do you use the Simini Protect Gel?
The wound area should be cleaned first and then the Simini Gel can be applied liberally once per day. The area can be bandaged or left uncovered. See product label for full details. 
Why is the Simini Protect Gel sold in a 7.5ml (0.25 oz) tube?
So you can apply it at the clinic and then send it home with the pet-owner to apply once daily for a few days. By engaging pet-owners with this "task", you will receive two additional practical benefits: (i) a sustained barrier to inhibit bacteria migration or growth, and (ii) better wound care and monitoring from the pet-owner.
Wounds are most susceptible to bacteria migration during the first 72 hours.
How long are your contracts?
There are no long term contracts or commitments. You can use Simini Protect month to month, and cancel at any time you'd like.
If I don't like Simini Protect, how do I cancel?
Simply send an email to cd@simini.com with your name and veterinary clinic and we'll cancel any future product shipments.

Try Simini Protect For Free:

No obligations, no contracts, cancel at any time.
  • Remove 99.98% of bacteria (clinical trial result)
  • Provide 72 hour protection post-surgery
  • Triumph over toughest resistant bacteria (MRSP)
  • ​Destroy biofilms and reduce infection virulence
  • ​Be a leader in reducing antibiotics