About Simini

Tackling Problems 
with No Current Solutions

Intra-op protection is an area with little innovation since 1950. Surgeons deserve non-antibiotic tools designed for the infections of today.

Reducing Antibiotic Use

Animal health is mandated across the globe to lower antibiotic use. Conscious veterinarians choose Simini Protect as a non-antibiotic tool. 

Experienced Leadership 

Simini Protect is led by drug development veteran Carl Damiani. Prior to founding Simini, Carl was President of a NASDAQ listed human health company with late stage clinical products for Alzheimer's, dementia and diabetes. After completing the sale of that company, Carl turned his attention to improving veterinary clinical outcomes. The Simini Protect products provide a unique opportunity for veterinarians to reap all the benefits today from the development work performed by human surgeons.  

The Human Surgeon's Secret

You know the challenge of a surgical infection — you might even be dealing with one right now. You and your team spend a lot of time avoiding them. 

Human surgeons have been there. And fixed that.

You are invited to use the human surgeons’ secret in your veterinary practice to:
• Use an untapped opportunity of in-surgery removal of bacteria from surgical wounds.

Plus your clinic app from Simini will deliver, better compliance by clients in managing care at home.   And overall a better client experience giving them an easy plan post-surgery plan to follow and resources at their fingertips, 24/7. 

This directly translates into better clinical outcomes, happier clients and improved staff morale.

Bring it to Your Practice