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  • What types of procedures can Simini Protect products be used for and not used for? (0:12)
  • How do you use the Simini Protect Lavage? (0:42)
  • Can the Simini Protect Lavage be diluted? (1:25)
  • ​How are these products different from current veterinary offerings? (1:52)
  • What does "SIMINI" mean? (2:34)
  • ​How does the Simini Protect Lavage differ from saline? (2:53)
  • ​Can the Simini Protect Lavage be used with Nocita (long-acting bupivacaine)? (3:47)
  • ​Have the products been tested for use with orthopedic implants? (4:05)
  • ​How do the Simini Protect products compare with other products in breaking down biofilm? (4:38)
  • ​Any issues with the Simini products and different types of sutures? (5:10)
  • ​Would you use the Simini Protect Lavage any differently if you were using it to prevent an infection versus applying it in a case with an existing infection? (5:35)
  • How can I order Simini Protect products?  What forms of payment does Simini accept? (6:21)

How to Order Simini Protect Lavage